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image for Faces Places
Faces Places
Director Agnès Varda and photographer/muralist JR journey through rural France and form an unlikely friendship.
Release Date: 2017-06-28
image for Adrift
A woman and her fiancé find themselves caught in a hurricane after departing Tahiti by boat. She wakes up after being knocked out, only to discover him missing, and the elements threatening.
Release Date: 2018-05-01
image for Welcome to Curiosity
Welcome to Curiosity
Four interconnected stories surrounding the escape from prison of a notorious serial killer.
Release Date: 2018-05-25
image for Campeones

Release Date: 2018-04-06
image for Final Portrait
Final Portrait
The story of Swiss painter and sculptor Alberto Giacometti.
Release Date: 2017-08-03
image for Hereditary
After their reclusive grandmother passes away, the Graham family tries to escape the dark fate they've inherited.
Release Date: 2018-06-04
image for La ch
La ch'tite famille

Release Date: 2018-02-28
image for Ghost Stories
Ghost Stories
Arch sceptic Professor Phillip Goodman embarks upon a terror filled quest when he stumbles across a long-lost file containing details of three cases of inexplicable 'hauntings'.
Release Date: 2018-04-06
image for Breathe
Based on the true story of Robin, a handsome, brilliant and adventurous man whose life takes a dramatic turn when polio leaves him paralyzed.
Release Date: 2017-10-13
image for American Animals
American Animals
The unbelievable but mostly true story of four young men who mistake their lives for a movie and attempt one of the most audacious art heists in U.S. history.
Release Date: 2018-06-01
image for A Rough Draft
A Rough Draft
Young Muscovite Kirill is a talented designer of computer games. One day, he is completely erased from the memory of everyone he knew and loved. Kirill learns that he has been chosen for an important and mysterious mission: to become a customs officer between parallel worlds, of which there are dozens in the universe. Will Kirill unravel the mystery of these worlds and who controls them? And is our Earth really just an imaginary "draft" -- a parallel world -- which in reality does not exist ...
Release Date: 2018-05-25
image for The Last Witness
The Last Witness
An ambitious young journalist uncovers the horrific slaughter of 22,000 Polish officers during World War II, a secret kept hidden for far too many years.
Release Date: 2018-05-29
image for What Will People Say
What Will People Say
Sixteen year-old Nisha lives a double life. At home with her family she is the perfect Pakistani daughter, but when out with her friends, she is a normal Norwegian teenager. When her father catches her in bed with her boyfriend, Nisha's two worlds brutally collide. To set an example, Nisha's parents decide to kidnap her and place her with relatives in Pakistan. Here, in a country she has never been to before, Nisha is forced to adapt to her parents' culture.
Release Date: 2017-10-06
image for Hotel Artemis
Hotel Artemis
A near-future thriller, set in its own distinctive crime universe, "Hotel Artemis" follows a nurse (Foster) who runs an underground hospital for Los Angeles' most sinister criminals, and finds that one of her patients is actually there to assassinate another.
Release Date: 2018-06-08
image for 7 Days in Entebbe
7 Days in Entebbe
Four hijackers take over an airplane, take the passengers hostage, and force it to land in Entebbe, Uganda in 1976 in an effort to free of dozens of Palestinian terrorists jailed in Israel.
Release Date: 2018-03-16
image for Animal Crackers
Animal Crackers
A family must use a magical box of Animal Crackers to save a rundown circus from being taken over by their evil uncle Horatio P. Huntington.
Release Date: 2017-09-01
image for How to Talk to Girls at Parties
How to Talk to Girls at Parties
A couple of British 1970s teen-aged boys, Enn and Vic, go to a party to meet girls, only to find that the girls are very different from the boys' expectations.
Release Date: 2018-05-05
image for McKellen: Playing the Part
McKellen: Playing the Part
Built upon a 14 hour interview, McKellen: Playing the Part is a unique journey through the key landmarks of McKellen's life, from early childhood into a demanding career that placed him in the public eye for the best part of his lifetime. Using an abundance of photography from McKellen's private albums and cinematically reconstructed scenes, a raw talent shines through in the intensity, variety and devotion to that moment in the light.
Release Date: 2018-05-27
image for A Polar Year
A Polar Year
A Danish teacher takes a job in Greenland and tries to overcome the animosity of the tight-knit locals through a series of errors that help him embrace the snow-covered life.
Release Date: 2018-05-24
image for Action Point
Action Point
A daredevil designs and operates his own theme park with his friends.
Release Date: 2018-03-22