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image for You Were Never Really Here
You Were Never Really Here
A traumatised veteran, unafraid of violence, tracks down missing girls for a living. When a job spins out of control, Joe's nightmares overtake him as a conspiracy is uncovered leading to what may be his death trip or his awakening.
Release Date: 2017-11-08
image for Book Club
Book Club
Four lifelong friends have their lives forever changed after reading Fifty Shades of Grey in their monthly book club.
Release Date: 2018-05-18
image for Isle of Dogs
Isle of Dogs
In the future, an outbreak of canine flu leads the mayor of a Japanese city to banish all dogs to an island that's a garbage dump. The outcasts must soon embark on an epic journey when a 12-year-old boy arrives on the island to find his beloved pet.
Release Date: 2018-03-23
image for Logan Lucky
Logan Lucky
Trying to reverse a family curse, brothers Jimmy and Clyde Logan set out to execute an elaborate robbery during the legendary Coca-Cola 600 race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.
Release Date: 2017-08-17
image for Overboard
A spoiled, wealthy yacht owner is thrown overboard and becomes the target of revenge from his mistreated employee. A remake of the 1987 comedy.
Release Date: 2018-05-03
image for The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
While the Civil War rages between the Union and the Confederacy, three men – a quiet loner, a ruthless hit man and a Mexican bandit – comb the American Southwest in search of a strongbox containing $200,000 in stolen gold.
Release Date: 1966-12-23
image for Freelancers Anonymous
Freelancers Anonymous
Billie #hatesherjob and quits mere months before getting married. She meets a ragtag group of women also looking for employment, and finds herself juggling her upcoming wedding with launching a new tech start-up.
Release Date: 2018-05-25
image for 24 Hours to Live
24 Hours to Live
An assassin seeks redemption after being given a second chance at life.
Release Date: 2017-10-26
image for Midnight Sun
Midnight Sun
Katie, a 17-year-old, has been sheltered since childhood and confined to her house during the day by a rare disease that makes even the smallest amount of sunlight deadly. Fate intervenes when she meets Charlie and they embark on a summer romance.
Release Date: 2018-03-22
image for Winchester
Firearm heiress Sarah Winchester is convinced that she is haunted by the souls killed at the hands of the Winchester repeating rifle. After the sudden deaths of her husband and child, she throws herself into the construction of an enormous mansion designed to keep the evil spirits at bay. But when skeptical a San Francisco psychiatrist is dispatched to the estate to evaluate her state of mind, he discovers that her obsession may not be so insane after all.
Release Date: 2018-02-02
image for Tully
Marlo, a mother of three including a newborn, is gifted a night nanny by her brother. Hesitant to the extravagance at first, Marlo comes to form a bond with the thoughtful, surprising, and sometimes challenging nanny named Tully.
Release Date: 2018-05-04
image for Darc
To bring down a global human trafficking ring, an Interpol agent recruits the help of a brutal criminal with inside knowledge of the yakuza.
Release Date: 2018-05-01
image for Dogman
A revenge drama set on Rome’s crime-ridden outskirts, inspired by a homicide committed by a coked-out dog groomer during the late 1980s.
Release Date: 2018-05-17
image for Roman J. Israel, Esq.
Roman J. Israel, Esq.
Hard-nosed liberal lawyer Roman J. Israel has been fighting the good fight forever while others take the credit. When his partner – the firm’s frontman – has a heart attack, Israel suddenly takes on that role. He soon discovers some unsettling truths about the firm – truths that conflict with his values of helping the poor and dispossessed – and finds himself in an existential crisis that leads to extreme actions.
Release Date: 2017-11-10
image for Bergman - A Year in Life
Bergman - A Year in Life

Release Date: 2018-05-25
image for Deep Blue Sea 2
Deep Blue Sea 2
When shark conservationist Dr. Misty Calhoun is invited to consult on a top-secret project run by pharmaceutical billionaire Carl Durant, she is shocked to learn that the company is using unpredictable and highly aggressive bull sharks as its test subjects, which soon break loose and cause havoc.
Release Date: 2018-04-17
image for Hotel Gagarin
Hotel Gagarin
5 down-on-their-luck people are hired as a film crew
Release Date: 2018-05-24
image for Angel Face
Angel Face
A single mother abandons her 8-year-old daughter after meeting someone in a nightclub.
Release Date: 2018-05-23
image for Sherlock Gnomes
Sherlock Gnomes
Garden gnomes, Gnomeo & Juliet, recruit renown detective, Sherlock Gnomes, to investigate the mysterious disappearance of other garden ornaments.
Release Date: 2018-03-15
image for Meatball Machine Kodoku
Meatball Machine Kodoku
Nobody knows where they came from. They parasitize in human beings, take control of them and change their bodies into hideous monsters (Necro-borg). The Necro-borg fight each other until the other dies. Where did they come from? To what end? Yuji and Kaoru, whom both have dark secrets within themselves, get caught up in the horrific battles of Necro-borg. What will their fate be?
Release Date: 2018-05-25